A New Season Ahead

Here in the Southern Arizona high desert, our mid-summer hot temperatures and monsoon humidity make thoughts of the Fall weather-to-come hard to resist.  But it isn’t just the weather.  The whole tempo of activity changes with kids going back to school, summer vacationers and seasonal residents returning, and the start-up of the Fall/Winter activities.  It’s about now that we start looking ahead on the calendar to rough-in dates for Fall events we know we want to be a part of.  …we start to feel, think about and anticipate the coming season.

It’s also one of those times that I tend to think about how I’m doing with what I hoped to accomplish this year.  And it can be complicated with the inevitable changes that have happened since plans were made.  …the plans need adjusting and it’s hard to know where to start with all the details of where time is spent each day.  …and in the rush, it’s easy to put off the thoughts about whether or not I’m spending my time on what is really important.

Have you ever had a life altering experience, that sort of halted you in your tracks, and when you started to really think through what’s important, you wondered what took you so long to really think about it?

I experienced two of those life altering events over this past year, and decided that, even as a Health Coach, I needed to make more time for my own health and wellness.  I reminded myself, once again, that my health is not an expendable asset.

So, don’t wait.  When you’re making plans for the season ahead, give taking care of your health a priority position!


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