Let’s Talk Sugar

“Sugar (ba-ba-bap-bap-bap-bap) Aww, Honey, Honey…”
[Are you old enough to remember it?]

Did you know…

• The American Heart Association recommends 6 to 9 teaspoons sugar daily – graduated for children on the lower end to men on the higher end.
•The number of grams of sugar in one teaspoon is 4 grams. Therefore, for women, the max amount of sugar that is recommended daily is 32 grams or about 8 teaspoons. Do you know how much sugar you consume in a day?  Keep a tally for a couple of days, and you’ll be amazed.  The key is reading labels, counting the sugar per servings that you eat, google whole foods for sugar content and don’t fudge.  🙂
•Remember we now know that sugar is very addictive, more so than cocaine.  And we also know that most of us are addicted to sugar to some degree.  The good news is that we can detox from sugar pretty quickly.  …it’s the mental side that takes more of a gradual approach.
•We can reduce our intake of added sugars with delicious, satisfying and healthier whole foods — avoiding processed food that is full of added sugars.
•And we can eliminate the fat building result of sugar spiking by eating more whole foods – eating an orange is better than drinking orange juice, because with the orange you’re getting the fiber that slows down the sugar hit.  Plus, when drinking  juice, we also typically consume the juice of more than piece of fruit, making it an even more concentrated consumption of sugar.

Dr. Andrew Weil offer’s helpful information in his brief article, “Are You a Sugar Addict?” .

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