Unique Gardening Solution for Colder Weather Extremes

[…this one is for my family and friends in Colorado, and other non-desert climes!]

I’m always intrigued by the clever gardening solutions I run across on the internet and social networking sites.  This one is not for the patio gardener, but sounds like a cold weather solution for the person with a little land space.  And like so many food-growing solutions, it’s not a brand new idea.  An Aymara Indian word for an underground or pit greenhouse, this “Walipini” has proven itself in the cold, mountain regions of South America for about 20 years — designed to be less costly than the standard greenhouse.

Now, I’m wondering if the earth’s insulation factor — used here for handling colder weather — could be adapted for our toasty, desert temperatures!  🙂

Click  here for more on Walipini greenhouse information.

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