Your Stress-Free Zone

The phrase, “your home is your sanctuary” is so true, wouldn’t you agree!  I know it makes a difference to me to be able to look forward to coming home to a place that offers a familiar, restful recovery from busy days out and about.  “Sanctuary” is a good word, and reflects that part of being home that implies a stress-free zone.

Stress, being one of the major causes of ill health, is a formidable adversary, and creating a stress-free zone for oneself is, I think, an important part of health and wellness.  We each have a personal style of what makes us happy, relaxed and at peace, and it can evolve and change over the years.   …so it’s a bit of a discovery process, but worth the effort.  In this short article, 6 Simple Steps to a Calmer Home, Andrew Weil provides helpful suggestions.  Take time to look about  your home, and consider what simple projects might make your home more of a sanctuary from stress.  …time well spent with healthy reward!

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